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Fidectus pays traders for their eCM

Zürich, 21. June 2022 – Fidectus announces their unprecedented eCM get paid program. With more and more pressure on energy trading companies to do more with less, Fidectus takes a novel commercial approach allowing traders to make money on their electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM). Energy traders never pay more than they pay today for eCM.

The get paid program combined with a truly automated eCM workflow and full eCM-network access enables energy traders to take control of their eCM. “When folks realize Fidectus eCM takes advantage of their current architecture while extending electronic confirmations to the entire industry, customer are telling me it is a no brainer to switch.” says Chris Sass CRO of Fidectus.

Energy traders can join the program between June 2022 and December 2024. The benefits are:

  • Transparent compensation instead of paying fees for eCM.
  • Predictable fees after program expiration end of 2024.
  • No license cost and fee for connection/integration.
  • No manual work by tailoring eCM to own needs easily.
  • Full eCM market reach and ETRM connections available.
  • Non-eCM outgoing Confirms (e.g. Mail/PDF) included.
  • Integration with regulatory reporting, electronic Settlement Matching, accounting and treasury.
  • ISO 27001 certification, highest security and comprehensive audit trail.

Dr. Jens Bartenschlager, CEO of Fidectus says. “The program is available to all energy traders processing more than 10’000 confirmations monthly. For energy traders processing less than 10’000 confirmations monthly, only the first ten (10) signing up benefit of the program. For everybody else, we have highly attractive models available so no energy trader pays more than they pay for eCM today.”


See here for press release.

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